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    RBI QSL card

    The Wikipedia entry is just a tiny part of a huge story that deserves far more to be written. I hope to add far more as time goes on, and invite others to do the same.

    "Radio Berlin International was the international broadcaster for the German Democratic Republic (East Germany). It started in May 1959 to counter Deutsche Welle, the West German international broadcaster. Much of its output was news reports and information about the GDR. It offered a very professional and much more balanced (compared to other Eastern European broadcasters) perspective on life in a socialist country. It send large quantities of very colorful and professionally produced publicity materials about life in the GDR to its listeners. The broadcaster ceased operations on 2 October 1990 following German reunification. The final broadcast was noted for the bitterness among some RBI staff about its "takeover", rather than "unification" with Deutsche Welle. The last words were, "This is Ginger. Good bye and good luck."

    Radio Berlin broadcast in many languages, with many of its announcers at the different services — such as English, French and even Danish — coming from their country's respective communist parties. It was one of the major international broadcasters of the Cold War era. From 1970 until 1974 its programs were rebroadcast by Radio North Sea International between 03:00 and 06:00."


    RBI Intro, GDR National Anthem, and The End by The Doors


    MIA. - Auferstanden aus Ruinen

    Or if you prefer this version

  • QSL card collection

    One of Chris's QSL cards

    Chris Dennison has assembled the best collection of RBI QSL cards to be found online.

    Take a look at http://s302.photobucket.com/albums/nn91/chrisuk0110/?start=0

  • More names to conjour with

    The CIA were particularly interested in Americans at RBI, particularly those involved with the Ops Outpost Station programmes.

    They made lots of recordings held in the US National Archives. The names mentioned that I could find - George Lohr, Jerry Randall, Linda Cooper, Barbara Moreley, Bob Reid, Allan Ladd, George Fox, Bob Ross, Bob Amsterdam, Red Pierce, Jonaton Curtis, Kerru Randall, Bert Pierce, Willi Hermann, Bill Cassidy, Bert Grimms, Dick Larson, and Bob Rees.

    It looks like the CIA recorded just aout everything it could in the early 60s.

  • Streng Geheim - For Eyes Only

    Streng Geheim - For Eyes Only


    The "Concordia" trading company in Würzburg is a secret headquarters of the MID, a secret service agency of the US Army. For years, espionage, sabotage, and diversion operations originated from here in order to undermine the German Democratic Republic. A favorable moment for a military attack approaches and plans are developed. These plans are placed in the hands of Major Collins, who keeps them in a safe. Hansen has worked for him for many years, but also for the Stasi as a double agent. Security Chief Colonel Rock knows there is a leak, but Hansen has passed every test thrown at him. He is trying to deal with his current assignment: acquiring the plans ('The Grey Book') so they can be made public. His mission is to get them out of the safe and into the GDR without getting caught..."

    1963, b/w, 103 min. Feature
    Dir.: Janos Veiczi
    Script: Harry Thürk
    Camera: Karl Plintzner
    Music: Günter Hauk
    Cast: Alfred Müller, Helmut Schreiber. Ivan Palec, Hans Lucke, Werner Lierck, Martin Flörchinger, Peter Marx.

    This clip:
    Billy Mullis, Victor Grossman, Perry Friedman, Hans Luecke, and Helmut Schreiber are in this clip.

    It seems quite a few RBI staff had sidelines as movie stars!

  • Coyote Speaks


    AIm members in Berlin

    Billy Mullis - Coyote - worked for the North America section of RBI from 1961-77. During that time he extentivally interviewed WaBun Inini of the American Indian movement (AIM) for RBI. He has the recordings on his Coyote Speaks website.

    Coyote has kindly offered to help with some of the history of RBI.

  • The End

    DDR radio

    Many thanks to our friend Radio Fan for having his tapes of RBI flown around the world, and getting them online.

    Listening to the broadcast has answered a few questions. Firstly .... I got the date wrong. The last broadcast was on the 2nd Oct 1990 not the 3rd. Secondly ... The last words of Robin Mitchell did not say "This is Ginger ..." before playing The End by The Doors. He said "... take care and good luck". Interestingly he also played "The party's over. Time to call it a day." during the programme.

    It was an emotional experience listening to this broadcast for the first time after 18 years, as it was on the day. The station was a voice of hope and inspiration for many around the world. That spirit will carry on through generations, and was not in vain.

    This is the final broadcast of RBI.

    Part One

    Part Two

  • Socialism in Germany

    Berlin Bear

    To help with some background to why Radio Berlin International came into being I have scanned and made a website from a book written in 1978 by an old friend of mine, Ernie Trory.

    Please have a look, and let me know what you think.

    Socialism in Germany - A short history of the German Democratic Republic

  • John Peet - Former Reuters correspondent - again

    John Peet

    A little humourous taster from the 20th Anniversary issue of DGR


    "Mr John Peet, a British journalist who chose Soviet freedom three years ago, surprised East and West alike and himself most of all by turning up (at a press reception) in dinner dress, the only one to be seen in the assembly,"

    ("News Chronicle", London, February 1st 1954)

    "John Peet was present (at the reception mentioned above, JP). According to his former colleagues he had changed from a correct and sartorially exquisite Briton into a shabby East German,"

    ("Algemeen Handelsblad", Holland, February 4th 1954)

    "From year to year Peet has been becoming more and more proletarianised ...

    "Since the middle of last week he once again wears a fashionable checked waistcoat as he used to do,"

    ("Spiegel", West Germany, February 2nd 1954)

    "John Peet ... a humorous, attractive, untidy man in his early fifties ... His suit was nondescript,"

    ("Daily Telegraph Magazine", July 23rd 1971)

    Democratic German Report

  • Hannelore Steer

    Hannelore Steer

    Hannelore Steer holds degrees in African studies and cultural studies. Her first job was as a foreign-language editor at Radio Berlin International (RBI). In early 1990, Hannelore was chosen to be editor-in-chief of RBI. In the same year, she was appointed to be programming director of Funkhaus Berlin. Since January 1992, Hannelore has been working at ORB, first as a production director and then, from 1992 to 1996, as editor-in-chief of Antenne Brandenburg. Starting in July 1996, she served as director of radio production and deputy director of ORB. On May 5, 2003, Hannelore was chosen to be director of radio production for the two-state institution Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg. Since September 8, 2004, she has been the station’s deputy director.

    In March 2003, Hannelore was recognized with the Verdienstkreuz, one of Germany’s highest awards for accomplishments in political, business, and cultural activities.


  • Nazis and the CIA: How the Cold War Began

    This is interesting as it sets the scene of how, and why,  the DDR came to be established.

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    (I dont seem to be able to embed videos - very strange)

    A ThinkYouth.net Production:Dan Solis and Richard Li tell the entire story of how the Cold War began in their new documentary Nazis and the CIA: How the Cold War Began.

    Synopsis: The triumphant victory over Germany and Hitler's Nazi regime in the spring of 1945 was an important event in U.S. and world history. Six months later, Nazi war criminals came to work for the OSS, later renamed the CIA. They fueled the fire in the United States that was the hate and fear of the Cold War. It is a tragedy that the United States would work with a former enemy to fight a new rival.

    CIA and the Nazis 1946


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